Dis-advantage of Tally ( Cons)

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2 min readSep 22, 2021

It is necessary to have a credit score of 660.

For approval, you’ll need a good credit history. A few late payments or an exorbitant amount of credit card debt can bring your score below this threshold.

For Some Users, It Isn’t Beneficial:

Tally is only useful for people who have credit cards with high APRs. You will not save money on interest if you have promotional rates or low APRs.


Tally Debt Advisor is an automatic assistant that helps you determine the optimal monthly payments to make. You might be able to get out of debt faster if your payments are optimized.

Tally is a company that pays bills:

Tally provides a credit line to help you pay off your debt. Rather than sending many payments to each creditor, you can make a single payment. Your next monthly payment must be used to repay the debt.

Manager of Credit:

This keeps track of your APRs, due dates, and outstanding balances. It alleviates the complication that comes with managing multiple cards from various issuers on your own.

You are the one who pays:

When you select You Pay, you must transmit the payments to your credit cards yourself. Tally continues to provide you notifications about your deadlines. To keep everything in one place, you may also pay your credit cards through the Tally app.

Debt Advisor by Tally:

Tally Advisor personalizes your advice depending on your credit card usage and desired outcomes. Tally Advisor asks you when you want to be debt-free and then shows you how to get there.

Their system determines the best plan for paying off your debts faster than making minimum payments.